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Padmavati Galvanizer


The hot-dip galvanizing firm prevents corrosion on your metal. Since 2017, Padmavati Galvanizer has provided maintenance-free longevity services to clients by assisting them with the professional care they deserve and a zinc coating that will live for decades.

Our hot-dip galvanizing plant is located near Mumbai, Maharashtra. We provide galvanizing service to materials up to 7.5 meters. We have an annual capacity of 12000 MT, supplying galvanized Angle, Channel, and Flats. We regularly deal in Galvanized pipes, Earthing strips, Structural steel, fabricated material, grating, perforated material, etc. from all over India. 

Our fabrication unit specializes in undertaking job work for all types of gratings like interlock, zig-zag, honeycomb pattern, and serrated types for anti-skid from M.S and S .S material. We are also stockists for Earthing Flats, Earthing Plates, Earthing Pole, and Earthing Strips of various sizes. 


Galvanizing Unit

Backed by a team of experienced professionals, our strategic services meet the needs of all types and sizes of clients - from metal fabricators to EFC projects - and deliver lasting coating with measurable growth. Don't hesitate to contact us today to learn how PADMAVATI GALVANIZER can help your future success.


Grating Fabrication

My work combines classic techniques with modern methods to create unique and beautiful GRATINGS. Whether you're interested in a simple repair or a custom-made item, we deliver outstanding work at competitive prices. Be a part of the creation— share your drawing and get it fabricated.

HDG Earthing flats



We have an impressive collection of PATTA PATTI for all your earthing needs. We offer only the highest quality products because our customers need the best. Some of our favorite products include 25x3, 25x6, 50x6, and 75x10. We have a direct contract with top rolling mills to fulfil our consumer needs.

Metal Tubes

A Bit About Us

Padmavati Galvanizer (PG) is a manufacturing company, contracting and sub-contracting in many leading EFC projects, road safety projects, electrical panels, railway components, supplying earthing flats and industrial floor grating. PG has obtained leadership in the galvanizing industry by serving the needs of fabricators, engineers, architects, and contractors. We are a team of highly skilled individual who is here to execute your whole procurement process as per your requirement. 

PG has cooperated with more than 150 companies by supplying excellent finished galvanized products with consultations throughout the process. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of hot-dip galvanized materials like GI Angle, GI Channel, GI Flats, GI Pipe, GI Plate, GI Brackets, GI PCT and other GI tower materials. Galvanizing services for Solar Structures, Cooling towers and Power transmission towers are also available. Our tank size is 6.25 M long X 1 M wide X 1.25 M deep with a capacity of 1000 MT per month.

Padmavati Galvanizer specializes in hot-dip galvanizing because of its regular kettle management, furnace technology, revamping, and technical assistance and training service. PG has built its reputation in this Galvanizing (GI) industry by providing quality service and creating happy, loyal clients. This was only possible because of our experienced and knowledgeable staff who are on our toes to deliver top quality and flawless finish, with high efficiency.

Looking for a Hot-dip Galvanizing service for your product?

Contact us today for a free consultation and more information.

H No. 1, Side No. 82-83, Village Deodal, Kaman Bhiwandi Road, Near Baba English School, Vasai (East), Dist- Palghar-401208, Maharashtra, India

Darshan Jain: +91 8484099224

Bharat Jain: +91 9867180613

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